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"Life is weird. It will give you sadness served on dirty plate, and days when it takes you two days to get out of bed. It will replace your shadow with the ghosts of who you use to be, and they will follow you around, whispering the past into your ear. It might even throw in a dark cloud on a sunny day that will turn everything upside, just for good measure. Life will give you heartbreak, a lot of it, and maybe a few unrequited loves, and too many days with a heavy heart and drenched eyes. Sometimes, it will lead you down the wrong path that will require you to trek through storms to get back to the right one. It will abandon you with your thoughts that tell you that the monster doesn’t live under the bed, instead, it lives in the mirror. Life will give you tragedies, and total chaos, and tears. But it will also give you the chance to meet a few good people who will turn into friends that will lie on the floor of a public bathroom with you while you contemplate why you decided to drink so much that night. It will give you someone who will answer your calls at four o’clock in the morning, and hold your hand even if it’s sweaty as hell. It will blow soft winds through your hair and give you a chance to hear the leaves rustle. Life will give you a car, some good company and a long road, it will scatter the stars across the dark, blue sky and give you something to believe in. It will also give you books and music, words written by strangers so that you know that you’re never truly alone. Every day it will give you a different sunrise and a different sunset, and a chance for you to witness the beauty of it all. Life will give you experience, a lot of it, and you will learn and grow and bloom. It will give you a hundred reasons to go, but a thousand reasons to stay. So stay."


These albums helped ease the struggle of the real-world plunge, made moving away from my beloved home state somewhat bearable, and softened the realization of how hard it is to make friend in a new place.

'Cause when you don't know where you are going,
Any road will take you there.”

In no particular order:

Atoms For Peace — Amok

Disclosure — Settle

Jon Hopkins — Immunity

Dawes — Stories Don’t End

James Blake — Overgrown

Earl Sweatshirt — Doris

Vampire Weekend — Modern Vampires Of The City

Haim — Days Are Gone

Kanye West — Yeezus

J. Cole — Born Sinner

Volcano Choir — Repave

CHVRCHES — The Bones of What You Believe

Chance The Rapper — Acid Rap

August Burns Red — Rescue And Restore

Glasser — Interiors

The Shouting Matches — Grownass Man


  1. Make Ethical Purchases. This means buying quality goods, that support local and trade-minded vendors. Primarily American Made, but I’m not denying moral imports. This mainly counts for non-perishable items, but I hope that it transcends into my consumable purchases too. I often rave about “Keeping the trade alive”, but this year I want to make a legitimate stand. 
  2. Treat my body better. In a nutshell, this is a classic new years fitness goal. But I didn’t want to limit it to that. Yes, my body needs exercise, a better diet, good sleep, etc. But I want to enhance the whole gamut. Physical, mental, spiritual, psychological. I pretend that I’ve improved in some of these areas, but thats not entirely the truth. This goal is deeply rooted in some self-confidence issues, but I know better. Lifestyle change is mandatory.
  3. Authentic honesty. I don’t lie a lot. But I’m sure I still do. To increase someones perspective of me, to pretend I have something in common with someone, to keep a conversation going because its the first human contact I’ve had in weeks. I know I exaggerate far more than most, and this is heavily attributed to my upbringing, but I’m done making excuses. Every thought, action, and word should be a true, honest representation of my beliefs. White lies are out too. You know what else was white? The KKK.
  4. Severely decrease my screen time. If we want to preserve the beauty that is tangible life, we must step away from the tablet, phone, tv, etc. I love media, heck I’ve made a career out of it. But my fondest memories are not and will never be reading someone’s facebook status or watching a youtube video. If we want to save the world from being consumed by the digital age, our generation (millennials) is the one to do it. I need to add some scars to the collection I acquired in my childhood before its too late.
  5. Meet one new person a week. Easy right? Sure if you’re in college. I’m in a new place, in a completely different part of the country, surrounded by people who don’t know, and certainly don’t care about my past. I’ve been given a rare opportunity to create a community in a new place, and I need to stop sulking around, impatiently waiting for my next trip to the south and make some friends. This is way harder than it sounds, but acting more shameless should be a good start.
  6. Get out of my head about the past. It happened. I let it overwhelm me. It was great at times. Other times it was not so great. I have regrets. I’ve lost relationships. I’ve gained plenty too. High School was fun. College was also fun. I stamped my passport a ton. I did some really uncool, not-smooth things. I like to think I learned from it. Keep the knowledge/wisdom, burn the rest. Scatter the ashes, run away fast. Enjoy the new-book smell of this fresh volume.
  7. Send people letters. This works hand in hand with number 4. Being in an unknown place has been tough, its insane how much a letter or package helps.
  8. Stop pretending like I have my life together. This works with number 3. Yeah, I appear to be doing alright. But I’m just as confused as most other postgrads. I need to stop starting my retort to “How are you doing” questions with, “My job is awesome.” Although that is somewhat true, it comes across arrogant and I dont want to be that guy, ever.
  9. Never neglect the homeless. “Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life. While poverty persists, there is no true freedom.” This quote from Nelson Mandela truly resonated with me. Carry cash, hold a conversation, and embrace an opportunity to assist someone of lesser fortune. This year, I’m not going to turn into a ignorant, pompous A-hole when I pass someone who needs help.
  10. Make cool stuff. At work, at home, in my free time, on the weekends. Leather, wood, motion graphics, videos, pictures. I enjoy that stuff. But I don’t do it, or at least I don’t do it anymore. I need to remember to make things I’m proud of, and get excited about the process.

List of Beers I Had At Michigan Beer Fest

New Belgium Lips of Faith La Foile
Goose Island IPA
Founders DOOM 2013
Rochester Hills Milkshake Stout
Magic Hat Humdinger Belgo Sutra
Samuel Adams Third Voyage IPA
Arbor Brewing Phat Abbot Belgian Tripel
Right Brain Naughty Girl Stout
Right Brain CEO stout
Right Brain Northern Hawk Owl
Great Lakes Burning River
Shiner Wild Hare
Saugatuck Singapore IPA
Saugatuck In Your Eye PA
Brooklyn Lager
Samuel Adams 13th Hour Stout
MIP AXL Pale Ale
Dragonmead Final Absolution Trippel Ale
New Holland Dragons Milk Bourbon Barrel Stout
Unibroue la fin du monde
Cheboygan Helles Bock


Inspiring Logo Design

This is a selection of great logo designs created by Jørgen Grotdal for several projects. Jørgen Grotdal is a young and very talented graphic designer from Trondheim, Norway who is currently in the process to become a full-time logo designer.

DesignBranding and Graphic Design Inspiration on WE AND THE COLOR


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I-ASE Guatemala

I-ASE Guatemala